Our class

Fun, fun, fun (and more fun)!

Being in Lemurs is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Lemurs class is amazing. We are Dylan, Edite, Emily, Fred, Imi, Imo, Johanna, Josh, Lily, Millie, Reuben, Sadie, Thomas, Thomas, Tilly and Tom, who are all in year 5 and year 6. We have a brilliant teacher, Miss Wools, as well as the amazing Mrs Parsons. We have 16 pupils in our class and we are always open for a visit. As there are only 16 children in the class, it’s always easy to concentrate. The children in the class are always friendly to each other. We have a wonderful big classroom so we have space to move around.

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Our Topic

This term our topic is “Me!” and our starting point for our learning will be ourselves. In geography, we will be learning about the area we live in through exploring, reading and making maps. In science we will be learning about how our bodies work and thinking about how to keep healthy. We will learn about the changes we go through as we get older, learning about puberty and relationships, reproduction and life cycles in plants and animals. We will examine original sources of evidence about the history of our area and our school, and we will be drawing self-portraits of ourselves in art. We will be doing Philosophy for Children with Mr Miles to develop our questioning, speaking and thinking skills.

Our Learning

We are creative. We learn in the most fun way possible. You get to choose what you want to do and your level of challenge for your work. You have options. We listen to each other all the time, no matter what. We learn, maths, English, French, science, art, singing, PSHE, RE, philosophy, history, geography, sport, PE and computing. We do a run every morning to keep fit and healthy. We also do Learning to Lead which is where we can work as a team to achieve goals without a teacher to make the school a brighter place.

We like to get out and do different things. We have been to Bath Abbey singing at Christmas and lots of us went on school camp to Mill on the Brue.

We wrote a song/rap/poem. It is a work in progress but here’s what we have so far:

We are the lemurs

We don’t mess around

If you want to be awesome like us,

Listen to this sound.

We are Lemurs

We are beamers

With all our learning we will be the best we can

We are lemurs

We are beamers

We always try hard in everything we do!