Our class

Our class

Our class is awesome. We are Alex, Bronwyn, Caelan, Charlie, Dylan, Emily, Imi, Jimmie, Lily, Louis, Mica, Millie, Sadie, Sam, Samuel, Shay, Sophie, Thomas, Thomas and Toby. We have the best teacher in the world, Miss Wools. We work hard but we do it in a fun way as well.

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Our Topic

This term our topic is “World War Two”. Our main focus will be considering the impact WW2 had on daily life in Britain. We will develop our knowledge of world history through investigating and interpreting the past. We will be thinking about the different sources of evidence we choose to learn from and we will start to learn about the concept of propaganda. In English we are going to start the term reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo and we will be looking at other novels set during the period of WW2 later in the term. We will be focussing on drawing and painting in art; creating some WW2 scenes and using our new-found knowledge of propaganda to look at poster art during WW2.

Our Learning

We are creative. We learn in the most fun way possible. You get to choose what you want to do and the level of challenge for your work: mild, medium or spicy. You have options! We listen to each other all the time, no matter what. We learn maths, English, French, science, art, singing, PSHE, RE, philosophy, history, geography, sport, PE and computing. We do a run every morning to keep fit and healthy. We have school council who make the school a better place.

We like to get out and do different things. Lots of us went on school camp to Great Potheridge House

We wrote a song/rap/poem. It is a work in progress but here’s what we have so far:

 We are the Lemurs of Stanton Drew School

We stick together in the things we do

Laughing together and having fun

Who’s for a good day?... Everyone.