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We would like to tell you about a few of the exciting activities and learning opportunities that we have covered this term, beginning with this our first poem. We  wrote this together to help us remember how we learn and to remind us about the values that we all try to think about, daily, in our learning and school time at Bishop Sutton:


Teamwork leads the masses

We come together as one.

Independence is our candle

Illuminating goals.

Co-operation includes us all,

Ideas dance inside heads.

Empathy will understand

Where we are coming from.

Distractions tease our senses,

But we will overcome.


This is us in our 'serious/intelligent' pose!

Our whole term topic has been Extreme Earth – we have worked in groups to explore and create mini models of a variety of natural disaster using junk and mod-rock. These include volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, drought, fire, tornadoes and earthquakes. In addition to making models we have all written poetry about our disasters – using figurative language , in particular personification – you can follow this link to read some of them LINK.

 As a reward for outstanding work, Mrs Cotton introduced Puma points. When we have earned five we can choose a small prize, then for ten another small prize – by the time someone gains fifteen, we stop and the chart begins again! Each time someone earns five they receive a chance for the whole class to play a mystery game – so everyone gets a reward really!

So far this year we have been to Chew Valley to take part in the Primary Cross Country Challenge, along with four other Chew Valley primary schools. Charlie Thomas won the whole race, and Anna Streatfeild-James came in third for the girls – everyone tried their hardest to do their best!

We went to Bath Abbey with Stanton Drew and all of KS2 to sing at the Christmas concert – Tim Parker led it, having been to our school to help us learn all the new songs that he had written.

 When Chew Stoke’s year 6 came to visit, at the end of term 1, we learnt what they had been studying and showed them what we had done; they were covering a topic on World War 2 and showed us how to interpret old codes; we performed our song ‘The River’s Tale’ and Abi, Lucy and Sara performed some gymnastics too.

We also performed our song, and read some of the disaster poems, in our class assembly at the end of November, in addition to describing some of the fantastic activities that we took part in at Mill on the Brue – our year 5 and year 6 residential visit. You can look at some of our exciting pictures in the galleries section.

 In our classroom you will see all sorts of examples of our work including huge wave paintings in the style of Hokusai; our favourite genre pennants; huge SMART posters advising and reminding us about staying safe on-line; disaster poems; beautiful handwriting; puzzle pieces – one for each child showing images about us and our likes and dislikes and our stars of the week too.

 Every week we have a 100 club challenge which is actually a 144 times tables challenge! We each have our own personal best results and set new targets each week. Our homework is to learn our tables so that we can improve our results every week. So far everyone has made brilliant progress – ask a kingfisher how they are doing, we’d love to explain it to you.

 In the next term or two, we have plans to enter a crime writing competition and we are working on a dance for the Dance Umbrella. The music for our dance is a Stravinsky piece called The Infernal Dance of King Kashchei.