A Warm Welcome

Welcome to our website!

Both our schools place children at the heart of everything that we do, with a commitment to "Learning together for life tomorrow”.

There is a collective sense of pride and ambition in both our schools - from children, staff, parents and governors - and we are determined to make sure that all children have fantastic learning opportunities which both excite and engage them.

Our schools are, however, much more than just words and photos on a webpage! Our schools are about people. Our schools are especially about our children. Every child is unique. Every child deserves the opportunity to be happy, to feel valued, and to experience success. We want all of our children to be happy in school, to have a passion for learning and to be the best that they possibly can. Our Federation ethos encourages children to be supportive of each other, respectful and well-mannered, as well as giving them confidence and a positive self-image. Read more...


"Both schools are outstanding and pupils achieve exceptionally well. Both schools provide happy and safe environments where pupils make excellent progress. A strong cohesive community and an exciting curriculum mean that pupils’ spiritual, social, moral and cultural development is outstanding. Both schools are held in very high regard by parents and carers."