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Welcome back - September 2020

It has been such a delight for all the staff to have the children back in school and they have returned (and started!) school in a very positive way.

We have worked hard to make sure that we have a robust Risk Assessment in place to ensure everyone's safety but also to minimise disruption to the start and end of the school day.

Thank you to everyone for parking considerately outside school so we can have a safe drop off at the road gates for Lemurs and Chinchillas.

We always do our best to be kind, be safe and be responsible is our new single school rule. This is hopefully easy for everyone to remember and covers in an easy to remember way what we are trying to achieve through our school values. We will be exploring what it means to be kind, be safe and be responsible over the term.

Some quick points to make about some of the changes this term:

  • To help with ventilation, the windows and doors are open. Please could you make sure that the children have a jumper or cardigan as it may get a little bit cooler soon!
  • For Chinchillas and Lemurs please send your child in with a healthy snack at playtime (Meerkats have a fruit snack supplied now the system is running again) and everyone should have water in a named water bottle
  • We are waiting to hear from BANES in relation to a specialist teacher coming in to teach music to Chinchillas and Lemurs
  • Assemblies begin again soon but will be on Microsoft teams