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At Bishop Sutton and Stanton Drew Schools, we have high expectations of homework in all year groups.  

  • Daily Reading at home is an expectation of all children and is the most effective tool in helping them progress with all aspects of learning. We encourage this by providing a range of books at an appropriate level and appealing reading diaries for them to complete. Children in KS2 will be expected to take responsibility for this as they can read and record in their diaries independently, so they will receive a sanction if they do not do this. Younger children, who rely on adults to hear them read, would not receive a sanction but parents will be asked in to discuss it if they are not reading frequently at home.
  • Other Homework for YR-2 will include maths and English exercises to consolidate work in class, learning letter names and sounds and key words and home-school activities such as the cookery bag. They will also have opportunities to make simple presentations (e.g. show and tell or book and tell with parents)
  • Learning Logs are the main written homework tasks set for KS2 (Y3-6), replacing weekly maths and English exercises. They are set fortnightly and are designed to enable children to demonstrate a range of learning skills and pursue further the areas of work that interest them. The aim is to inspire and encourage children to take pride in their work and choose to extend their learning, so they contain a lot of choice and flexibility in how they’re presented.
  • Spellings and tables will be learned and practised through the course of the school day and children will be expected to practise at home for their tables challenge.  Spelling investigations and exercises will be a frequent part of their work in school and may be incorporated into their learning log work if appropriate. Learning set lists for weekly tests will no longer be a standard part of homework set.
  • Children will be expected to take part in a rota to make presentations to their class in a format of their choice.
  • Targeted homework will be set for children if needed. For example, if they are falling behind with their spelling or tables or any other area of maths and English. It may also be set if they are working beyond expectations and need an extra challenge. This will be agreed in consultation with parents and would take the place of any other homework set (apart from reading).
  • Children in Y5/6 are prepared for the demands of high school. This won’t necessarily be achieved by setting more homework, but by setting frequent and varied deadlines to encourage them to take responsibility for their own homework and working to different deadlines.

Maths games and online activities will be available if you and/or your children wish to do extra practice at home.