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Swallows Y5

Meet the teacher - Miss Nash

We are a Year 5 class of 25 children. Our teacher is called Miss Nash and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Whitcher. We pride ourselves on always being kind, safe and responsible. As a class, we are very friendly and welcoming to everyone.  

Every Monday, we randomly choose a lucky person to be our star of the week. They get to use Barney, our fluffy dog pencil case, have comfy cushions, and a friend gets to sit with them at a special table. At the end of the week, they are awarded a star of the week certificate, a prize and get to take their star comments home with them. We also have a marble jar that we try our best to fill up in order to earn a whole class treat. We earn marbles for lining up perfectly, setting good examples to others and for working hard. We get to decide what our marble jar treat is once we have earned it. Past classes have had a pyjama party, a summer beach party and enjoyed films with hot chocolate! We cannot wait to earn as many treats as possible! 

This year we have taken on responsibility within the classroom to ensure that it runs efficiently and is a welcoming working environment. We have class jobs like register monitors, water bottle monitors, clean-up crew, lunch band monitors and many more! We are going to change our jobs every half term to ensure we all get to have a go at taking on different responsibilities. Our two amazing school councillors for this year are Lara and Wilf. They listen to all of our ideas and discuss these at school council meetings.   

We are really fortunate to have weekly ukulele lessons and are looking forward to performing later in the year.