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Swallows Y5

We are a Year 5 class of 24 children. Our teacher is called Miss Nash and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Whitcher. We are a kind, caring and helpful class.  As soon as you walk in the door you will have a smile on your face because we have a happy working environment. As a class we are always very keen to share our amazing ideas. We like to care for all of those around us and always try to follow the school’s golden rules.

Every Monday we choose a star of the week at random. They get to use the special star of the week pencil case and cushion and a friend gets to sit with them during the afternoon. They also get to always go first to lunch and break.  At the end of the week they get awarded a star of the week certificate, a prize and get to take their star comments home with them.  We also have a marble jar that we try to fill up in order to earn a marble jar treat. We earn marbles for lining up perfectly, setting good examples and working hard. We get to decide on what our marble jar treat is once we have earned it. We are really looking forward to earning our first one of the year!

Our topic for this term is called Amazing Artists and we are focusing on Claude Monet. We are looking forward to trying to recreate some of his famous pieces of artwork. After half term we are going to move on to looking at Andy Warhol. We always have a class book on the go that we try to read every single day. Our current class book is called ‘The Secret of Platform 13’ by Eva Ibbotson. It is about a gump (a secret hole) that is hidden in King’s Cross Station. It only opens every nine years for nine days. It leads to a magical and mystical island that we would all like to visit!

This year we have all taken on responsibility within the classroom to ensure that it is run efficiently and is a welcoming working environment. We have jobs like register monitors, clean-up crew, tech team, table leaders, lunch band monitors and many more! We all like to take our jobs very seriously. We are going to change our jobs every half term to ensure we all get to have a go at taking on different responsibilities.

Finally, we wanted to share an acrostic poem that best describes our class

  • Smiling
  • Welcoming
  • Adventurous
  • Legendary
  • Lovely
  • Organised
  • Willing
  • Successful

(Written by pupils of Swallow Class)