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Swans Y4

Meet the teachers: Mrs Cotton and Miss Wools 

Welcome to Swans class!

We wanted to tell you all about our class so we wrote this page ourselves.

When you step into super Swans class you will find learning fun with amazing teachers and children. We work extra hard and respect each other. Swans class are very kind and have a natural talent which is looking after each other. If someone gets hurt then everyone asks to help that person.

We area mixed year 3 and year 4 class and our teachers are Mrs Cotton, Miss Wools, Mrs Rogers and Mr Cook.

We learn lots of different things in Swans like history, geography, art, science, English, maths and PE. We learn about different topics. First we did Amazing Artists, like Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and Georgia O’Keefe. Now we are doing Natural Disasters. We are very creative and enjoy learning in lots of different ways.

On a Friday afternoon, we have Golden time when we can choose a fun activity to do as a treat for working hard.

Dive into the wonder of Swans!